Customer Reviews

I'm a bit set in my ways after years of riding, and I typically did my own fittings. I trust my mechanical skills, but I am ever impressed by Blue Ridge Cyclery for investing in tools and know-how to make the body and bike interact most efficiently. I figured time spent to get a fitting would help improve my riding, and I was right. In spring 2017, Shawn performed a fit on my new Trek Top Fuel suspension bike, and it made me feel confident, dialed in, and able to ride comfortably for longer endurance events. In early 2018, I consulted with Matt to do a fitting on my fast new hardtail bike, and it's even more apparent with two bike fittings just how good a BRC fitting is.

I am excited about my light and fast 2018 Trek Pro Caliber hardtail, and it's a great companion to the suspension bike. Matt worked patiently for my fitting on the second bike, asked me insightful questions about what I want out of my racing and my riding goals, and explained what he observed and which measurements he was performing. I am incredibly impressed with Matt's attention to detail and ability to refine and determine the optimum adjustments so I feel great on my brand-new bike, too. Matt had suggestions for hand positioning on the new bike, and those minor adjustments feel good. With Matt's help on this fitting, my hardtail feels fast, comfortable, and very similar to the suspension bike. This is important to me because I do multi-lap relay races with fast starts, and once fatigue sets in, I often switch to suspension for comfort. And hours later, I often switch back to the hardtail for climbing efficiency and fast laps. Having two bikes and feeling the exact same level of comfort and confidence on each is amazing. I cannot say strongly enough how effective Matt and Shawn are at working with the rider, with the fitting process at Blue Ridge Cyclery able to achieve perfect set up of one or several bikes. Very impressed and grateful to have done my fittings!

Matt, kudos and thank you for a great session yesterday. Today I was able to reinstall the fork and shock on my Top Fuel which Daniel serviced, and it was amazing to take a spin on one bike, immediately swap to the other, and feel how similar each was. The hand position you recommended with the brake levers tilted less aggressively works for me, and I have both bikes set up this way--I had the downward angle it a bit exaggerated and your recommendation to move the levers up a bit works, and the explanation of why makes a ton of sense. You were great at suggesting something that was a bit different to my typical setup, and you were great at seeing what you thought would work and expressing it to me so I would listen.

To everyone at Blue Ridge Cyclery, thank you, and I am so grateful for all you do for me. -Scott R.

I spent a season struggling to get comfortable on my bike. I made constant adjustments, never quite feeling right or efficient on my bike. I finally gave up and went to Blue Ridge Cyclery for a fit session. Shawn took his time examining every aspect of my position on the bike - even my cleats and shoes! Immediately I felt a huge improvement in my pedal efficiency and my comfort on the bike. Even nagging pain from a lingering injury went away. Do yourself a favor and spend some time with these guys getting your bike set up right. -Joe W.

When I purchased a new bike for the 2017 race season, Shawn at BRC North had it set up on a trainer ready for a fit when I went to pick it up. It was the first time I'd ever been properly fit on a bike, and WOW what a difference it has made. From adjusting cleat position to swapping out stems I don't think I've ever been so comfortable on a bike. I feel 100% more comfortable, and for me that translates into stronger riding over more prolonged periods of time. I don't think I could ever not have another bike fit when getting a new bike, especially with the crew of BRC there to help. I have been, and will continue, to suggest bike fits for anyone that has a bike. It's more than worth the money. -Josh Q.

Your first ride after a fit with Shawn you will appreciate how a good sense about fitting, technical know how and years of experience really makes a difference. He is also easy to work with. -Name withheld

I am very happy with Blue Ridge Cyclery. I purchased a used road bike and came to Blue Ridge Cyclery to have it fit for me. The service was excellent. My shoes were aligned properly, my seat was adjusted, as well as being aligned properly for my height and legs. It was also discovered that my shoulders, which were hurting was probably do to the fact the bars were to big for my frame. They ordered the right size and when they they came in, they changed them out and adjusted everything again to make sure I had the best fit possible. I have 30 days to try my bike and return for tweaking for no extra cost. I appreciated Blue Ridge Cyclery’s expertise and helpfulness to a new biker. Will and have returned numerous times for other members of my family and great deals. -Cathy S.

Being new to cycling and signed up for the Boys & Girls Challenge, I knew I needed to start getting serious about getting some miles in! As a novice and not quite settled in to a particular riding style or form, I contacted BRC for a professional bike fitting. I was worried about developing physical issues (back, shoulders..) due to bad form or improperly fitted bike. The hour or so I spent with Matt was money and time well spent. It is amazing that a millimeter or two of adjustment here or there can greatly improve the quality of your cycling experience and performance. Matt is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to every detail. He was also gracious enough to provide a fan! You WILL get a bit of a workout during this fitting! Matt also shared if had any problems or issues after the fitting to give him a call so he could make further adjustments. I highly recommend a fitting at BRC – your body and bike will thank you! -Brigitte K.

Getting fitted was the single best thing I have done since buying my new bike. The process itself was great. Matt patiently and thoroughly worked through all the various Dr. Evil laser measurements and calculations, and the end result has been outstanding: the new fit has made riding more comfortable and I'm faster. For me, a weekend warrior, riding is about enjoyment and getting fitted has made riding more enjoyable. -Alex I.

I recently had a fitting session with Matt at Blue Ridge Cyclery and could not have been more impressed. Two things about my fitting that were unusual were 1) I am an amputee 2) I was planning on buying a new bike and though I had not made my final selection, none of my choices were brands that Blue Ridge sold. Matt did not let this phase him and he agreed to help me. After getting started, Matt experienced a malfunction with the laptop he was using and we could not proceed. Matt could not have been more apologetic and offered to come in early morning the next day so as to not inconvenience my schedule. When I arrived the next morning he had spent a great deal of his own time on the internet the previous night pulling frame diagrams and computing geometries of the bikes I was considering so that he had a good understanding of what to look for in his recommendation. Upon completing the fitting session he provided me with a record of my ideal personal measurements and his recommendations as to the bikes under consideration. I have had several fittings over the years and never have I received the level of service and attention to detail that I got at Blue Ridge. I highly recommend them. -Charles C.

Blue Ridge Cyclery is an great place to get fit. Matt and Shawn are amazing people and know exactly what they are doing. We were able to customize my fit to my riding style and I have never been more comfortable. -Sam S.

My fit was phenomenal. I had been developing knee pain and I was clearly due for a new fit. Not only has my knee pain improved, I am spending more time in the aero position and putting out higher power numbers!! -Art S.