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What kind of bikes do you sell? 

We are an independently owned local Trek dealer. As such, we have a lot of Trek and Electra bikes. We also regularly stock some models of Pivot, Cannondale, Revel, and Salsa bikes. You can view our inventory here

Do you service and repair bikes? 

We service all makes and models of bikes (and occasionally some other stuff with wheels - call us to ask about non-bike service items). 

What's included with my new bike purchase? 

Your new bike comes with a lifetime $25 labor credit, meaning that you get $25 worth of mechanic time towards any repair your bike needs, every single time you bring it in. We also cover the bike's first break-in adjustments (about 30 days or 30 rides from your first purchase). 

Do you sell pre-owned / used bikes?

Yes, we sometimes have pre-owned bikes for sale through our Recyclery program. We occasionally take used bikes on trade towards the purchase of a new bike.

Do I need an appointment for my bike to be serviced? 

Nope! You can check it in for service anytime during business hours. In some cases, we may need to order parts in order to complete your service work. If this is the case, you may opt keep the bike until the parts arrive and we'll give you a call to bring it back in. 

Do you build bikes? What about e-bikes?

We sure do! We build all kinds of bikes, even the brands we don't sell. You can bring us the bike in the box or ship it to us and we'll build it for you. If shipping to us, please call ahead to let us know it's coming so we can create a work order in our system.

How long will you have my bike if I leave it for service?

Typically a couple of days to a week. It depends on the complexity of the repair, whether or not we have the necessary parts in stock, and the queue of other repairs we already have. When you check your bike in at the service desk, a technician will give you their best estimate of when your bike will be ready. 

How much will it cost to repair my bike?

It very much depends on what kind of issues your bicycle is experiencing and whether or not we have to order parts to complete the service. We offer free estimates, so drop in anytime and we can let you know! If you bought your bike from us, you can use your $25 labor credit towards your service bill. 

Can you repair or restore my vintage / broken / neglected bike? 

Most often, the answer is yes. In some cases, our mechanics may advise that you consider upgrading to a new bike due to the cost of repairs and/or safety concerns. Bring your bike in and roll it right up to our service desk. We'll take a look and let you know!

Do you rent bikes? 

We rent bikes for local recreational use. We have road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes for rent. We do not rent bikes for use at events. See rental info for more details.

Why don't you rent e-bikes? 

We simply can't get enough inventory right now. When we are able to order e-bikes with some regularity and predictability, we will begin renting them again. Subscribe to our email list for updates.

Do you accept donations of unwanted bicycles?

Yes, we work with the community to find a new home for bikes of any condition! 

Can you teach me how to change a bicycle tube / tire myself as well as other general bike repair and maintenance? 

Yep! We offer a series of maintenance classes at our Hollymead store. Visit our Facebook page for class dates and times. 

Oops, I lost the key / combination to my bike lock... can you cut it off for me? 

With proof of purchase, we would be happy to assist if we can. We are not currently offering mobile service due to COVID-19, so if your bike is locked onto something you will need to seek assistance from the police department. They will also require proof of ownership.

Can my dog come into the shop? 

Well behaved dogs are always welcome! We do have a resident shop dog at some of our locations; please keep your pooch on a leash and be courteous of our canine staffers.