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Bike Service & Repair

Bicycle Service & Repair

Blue Ridge Cyclery offers complete mechanical services with professional service and quick turn around times. From flat-tire changes to major overhauls, and everything in between. See us at any location and we'll get your bike riding like new again. Click here to skip to our E-Bike Service Policy.


Tune-up: Level I


Basic Adjustments

Align and adjust brakes

Adjust shifting

Inspect bottom bracket

Adjust Headset

Lateral wheel truing

Tune-up: Level II


Drivetrain Package

Level 1 Plus: 

Remove and clean or replace drivetrain parts*

True both wheels

Inspect and clean frame

Tune-up: Level III


The Full Overhaul

Level 2 plus:

Disassemble and clean whole bike

Inspect and replace headset or bottom bracket bearings*

Lubricate or replace cables and housing*

Hardtail overhaul: $369.99
Includes all of the above plus 50-Hour Fork

Full Suspension Overhaul: $399.99
Includes all of the above plus 50-Hour Shock Service

Fork Service



Replace front fork seals and oil. Inspect for wear.*

50-Hour Shock Service



Replace rear shock seals and oil. Inspect for wear.*

Suspension Bearing Overhaul

Starting at $250*

includes the first two hours of service work.  Remaining billed at $130/hr 

Inspect and replace suspension pivot bearings.*

* Replacement parts are not included and will be billed separately.
** Discounted with Full Overhaul package.


Brake Bleed: $45Install Bar Tape: $15Wheel True: $30
Tire Install/Derailleur Adjustment: $18Tubeless Tire Install/Refresh $22
Dropper Post Install: $35-55
New Tube/Tire Install: $20
Build Bike From Box: Starts at $120Pack Bike for Shipping: $110/$150

Please note:

  • Parts/Fluids additional to all labor charges.
  • Dirty bikes or components limiting service or shedding mud will incur additional cleaning fees as needed.
  • Bikes left beyond 7 days incur a $10 per day storage fee.
  • Bikes/Items left beyond 30 days are considered abandoned. These items will be ridden, sold, discarded, or donated.
  • All E-bike service for outside e-bikes is at the rate of $130/hr.  This includes- building, troubleshooting, tech time calls, tuning, tire changes, and more.  All outside bikes must be brought to the shop with keys to remove batteries or batteries removed.  We will not work on damaged/malfunctioning outside batteries and cannot trouble shot these.  We will not charge batteries for brands we do not sell and have training on.  If you have questions, please call the stores or send an email to

E-Bike Service

Any e-bike in for service that is of a brand, make or model that is not stocked for sale by Blue Ridge Cyclery will be charged an hourly rate service fee.  Blue Ridge Cyclery will not service or take apart any batteries, computers or drive-train units of e-bikes for bicycle brands and/or companies that our mechanics are not specifically trained in and/or that are not stocked for sale in our stores.  Service of such non-stock e-bikes will only be on the bicycle components.    

Blue Ridge Cyclery only stocks for sale UL-certified bicycles.  Any non-UL certified bicycles that come into Blue Ridge Cyclery for service and/or consultation of service must have the batteries removed by the bicycle owner and must always remain in the possession of the bicycle owner. Blue Ridge Cyclery will not retain, stow, charge, or hold onto any batteries of non-UL certified bicycles.  If a battery cannot be removed from the bicycle, a future service appointment will be scheduled with Blue Ridge Cyclery for a same day service and the bicycle must be picked up by the owner before close of business that day.  Any such bicycle not picked up at the end of the day will be locked outside, away from the building, and such outside locking of the bicycle is at the owners risk.    

All e-bike servicing and maintenance at Blue Ridge Cyclery is at the sole discretion of Blue Ridge Cyclery.  Blue Ridge Cyclery retains the right to refuse service of any e-bike not sold by Blue Ridge Cyclery for any reason.