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Meet The Crew

Shawn Tevendale

Opened Blue Ridge Cyclery in 2010.
Favorite kind of riding: Long mountain rides in the woods.
Fun fact: Lifelong fisherman, hates kangaroos.

More History

Jaruchan "Jip" Palakawongs

General Manager 
Years at BRC: 8 
Favorite kind of riding: Mountain biking. 
Fun fact: Climbed Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia.

John Stott

Store Manager, BRC Downtown
Years wrenching: 25+
Favorite kind of riding: Singletrack. 
Technical certifications: Master Technician, DT Swiss certified wheel builder, RockShox certified suspension/brake technician.  
Fun Fact: Once fell down a well. (He made it out.)

Matt Taylor

Sales Manager, BRC North 
Years at BRC: 6 
Favorite type of riding: Group road rides.  
Fun Fact: Will eat anything pickled, is mildly addicted to audio books, and once beat Lance Armstrong in a time trial. 

Matt Dalton

Bike Fitter, Sales, BRC Downtown
Years at BRC: 7
Favorite kind of riding: Bikes.
Technical certifications: Trek Precision Fit Certified.
Fun Fact: Is a shameless nerd. 

Justin Matijasic
A.K.A. Kreegee

Mechanic, BRC Downtown
Years wrenching: 12
Favorite kind of riding: Cyclocross.
Technical Certifications: Certified Spin Doctor.
Fun Fact: Is the son of a preacher man, practices siddha yoga.

Tim Chambers

Mechanic, Downtown
Years wrenching: 19
Favorite kind of riding: Urban/Mountain.
Technical certifications: UBI suspension, wheel building, master technician.
Fun Fact: can tell you the horse power of any car ever.

Shaine Smith

Bike Builder, Web Guy
Years with BRC: 3
Favorite kind of riding: Rocky, techy singletrack in the desert.
Fun Fact: Terrified of roller coasters.