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Meet Our Crew

Multi-Location Friendly Faces

Shawn Tevendale

Lead Tire CHanger

Opened Blue Ridge Cyclery in 2010.

Favorite kind of riding: Long mountain rides in the woods

Fun facts: Lifelong fisherman; hates kangaroos

More History

Jaruchan "Jip" Palakawongs

General Manager

Favorite kind of riding: Bike park and cross country

Fun fact: Climbed Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia.

Kristin "KK" Kesecker

Marketing & Outreach Manager

Favorite kind of riding: Fun riding. If it's fun, she's in! Mostly mountain and gravel.

Fun Fact: Loves all things magical, especially Harry Potter and Unicorns.

B.O.B. Leftwich

Mechanic - Warrenton, Richmond, & Downtown

Technical certifications: If it's bike related tecnhology, he's either been trained in it or helped develop it

Fun Facts: Regular Ironman event pit crew volunteer; owned and operated Bike Stop Warrenton for 38 years!


John Stott

Store Manager, Downtown

Favorite kind of riding: Singletrack

Technical certifications: Master Technician, DT Swiss certified wheel builder, RockShox certified suspension/brake technician

Fun Fact: Once fell down a well. (He made it out.)

Shaina Rhodes

Asst. Manager, hollymead

Favorite kind of riding: Trail

Fun Fact: Did a K9 biathlon with her dog, Gypsy

Curtis Shaver

Service Manager

Favorite kind of riding: Mountain Biking - shredding all things gnar

Fun Fact: Will be reporting back as soon as he thinks of something

Jonas Collins

Sales & Service

Favorite kind of riding: Technical & Cross Country

Fun Fact: He can tell you the head angle of any bike sold at BRC.

Nathan Masters


Favorite kind of riding: Downhill

Fun facts: Dislocated his shoulder 6 times in one year and earned the nickname "LEGO"; completed the One Chip Challenge (look it up)

Matt Dalton

Bike Fitter, Sales, Downtown 

Favorite kind of riding: Bikes

Technical certifications: Trek Precision Fit Certified

Fun Fact: Is a shameless nerd

Tim Chambers

Mechanic, Downtown

Favorite kind of riding: Urban/Mountain

Technical Certifications: UBI suspension, wheel building, master technician

Fun Fact: can tell you the horse power of any car ever

Victor Hengarter


Favorite kind of riding: Trails

Technical certifications: Robot builder (that counts, right?)

Fun fact: Built a robot that participated in an international tournament

Matt Taylor


Favorite type of riding: Group road rides

Fun Facts: Will eat anything pickled, is mildly addicted to audio books, and plays bass guitar

Will Tilman


Favorite kind of riding: Enduro, park, backcountry

Fun Fact: Owns 5 pairs of Vans

Dale Walker

Mechanic, hollymead 

Favorite kind of riding: Shenandoah National Park on a road bike

Technical certifications: Nope. Years of experience

Fun fact: Speaks German

Nate Paolella

Check-in tech & sales

Favorite kind of riding: Road

Fun Fact: LOVES Wawa

Steve Wells

Mechanic, hollymead

Favorite kind of riding: The kind of trail riding that makes the inside of a car smell like a horse

Fun Facts: Hates neighborhood yard sales; used to be on an inline skating team

Mitch Slaymaker

mechanic, downtown

Technical Certifications: A lifetime of bikes

Fun Fact: Used to be a hardcore road racer in the 70s




Chris Philips

store manager

Favorite kind of riding: Gravel

Fun Fact: Favorite cookie flavor is garlic chocolate chip.

Carl Turner


Favorite type of riding: Mountain

Fun fact: He was born 1500 feet from our Warrenton store

Matt Ralph


Favorite kind of riding: Backcountry MTB

Fun fact: Scared of bees... which makes the backcountry riding interesting




Bryan Oprel

Store Manager - Richmond

Favorite kind of riding: Gravel

Fun Fact: Loves kangaroo facts. Especially red kangaroos and their excellent thermoregulatory abilities.

Jeff Patrick


Favorite kind of riding: MTB

Fun Fact: Wrote his senior thesis on Mini Golf

Erin Shahan

Service Manager

Favorite kind of riding: Finds personal value in commuting by bike

Fun Fact: Rode by bike with their wife from Arizona to Richmond

Andrew Taylor


Favorite kind of riding: Gravel Riding

Fun Fact: Plays the banjo

Bobby Micalizzi


Favorite kind of riding: Enduro

Fun Fact: Has had 9 concussions


Support Crew


Shaine Smith

Web Consultant

Favorite kind of riding: Rocky, techy singletrack in the desert

Fun Fact: Terrified of roller coasters


Head of puplick relations

Full name: Reese Witherspoon Plott

Favorite kind of riding: Cross Country

Fun Fact: Loves chasing bears, remote controlled cars; will do anything for crab meat

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